CSR Investing Summit

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Thomson Reuters Building
3 Times Square - 30th Floor
New York, NY 10036
(7th Ave bet 42nd - 43rd St)

$395 Per Ticket

$195 for CAIAs, CFAs, FRMs, PRMs, and members of partnering professional networks*

$145 for students and academics*

$50 Discount for Payment Received by 7/15/15

Admission Limited to First 140 Registrants

No Refunds

*Please e-mail llachman@snetworkinc.com

Summer in the City

3rd Annual CSR Investing Summit


The Summer in the City 3rd Annual CSR Investing Summit is an all-day conference offering the opportunity to discuss experiences and viewpoints on how to define, manage, and measure responsible investing. The conference includes expert practitioners in the following groups: plan sponsors, endowments, consultants, academics, non-governmental organizations, the sell side, and media.  Attire is informal and networking is encouraged.


8:00 – 8:30    Registration and Breakfast

8:30 – 8:40    Opening Remarks

8:40 – 9:25    Diverging Views: Board members and Investors on the Value of ESG

This panel will discuss the potential impact of ESG initiatives on shareholder value and reveal possible opportunities for share price appreciation and sustainable dividends. The panel will present you with provocative new knowledge and industry opinions on the future of Board and C-Suite obligations and how they dovetail with investor objectives.

      • Moderator: Sonal Mahida, Head of North America, United National Global Compact at Principles for Responsible Investment
      • Linda Giuliano, Head of Responsible Investment, AB
      • Maureen Kline, Director of Public Affairs & Sustainability, Pirelli
      • Fassil Michael, Head of Custom Research, ISS

9:30 – 10:15   Identifying Performance Attribution in ESG Data

The question of how Environmental, Social, and Governance practices relates to financial performance has been continuously debated. ESG ratings provide an additional lens for evaluating investment decisions. Identifying how the three pillars of E, S, and G individually impact performance can provide an added dimension in seeking alpha. This panel will discuss how ESG ratings may be attributed to portfolio performance and how each of the three ESG pillars may be drivers that unlock shareholder value and allow better investment decisions.

      • Moderator: Thomas Schneeweis, Professor Emeritus of Finance, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
      • Indrani De, Senior Director, Quantitative Research, New Amsterdam Partners
      • Bruce Kahn, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Insight Capital Management
      • Sarah Smith, Associate Director, Institutional Relations, Sustainalytics

10:15 – 10:30 Morning Networking Break

10:30 – 11:15 Dissecting ESG Ratings: Understanding Ratings Construction

This panel will reveal the key performance indicators and methodologies that underpin an ESG ratings scheme and provide you with a more in-depth understanding of the building blocks of today’s ESG ratings and how you can leverage them in investment modeling.

      • Moderator: Herbert Blank, Managing Director, S-Network Global Indexes
      • Hendrik Bartel, Co-Founder & CEO, TruValue Labs
      • Lih-Hann Chiu, Product & Business Development, HIP Investor
      • John Streur, President & CEO, Calvert Investments

Special Remarks by Jack Tierney, Executive Director, Invesco Unit Trusts

11:25 – 12:20 The Challenges of Implementing ESG in Endowments, Pensions, and Union Trusts

The decisions by the largest endowments, pension funds, and union trust funds to buy and sell a company’s stock can impact the prices of those securities. Notably, these funds are some of the largest users of ESG criteria in their investment decision process. TYou will learn why they use ESG factors and how they use them in their decision-making process and leave the session with best practices.

      • Moderator: Kristen Sullivan, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP
      • Andre Bertolotti, CIO & Director of Investment Strategy, Quotient Investors
      • Millicent Budhai-Robinson, Director of Corporate Governance, NYC Comptroller
      • Garvin Jabush, Co-Founder & CIO, Green Alpha Advisors
      • Anna Sinder, Head of Global Equity & Impact Investing Due Dligence, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

12:20 – 1:25  Luncheon, Keynote Speaker and Award Presentation

Keynote Address - The Fiduciary Dilemma: The Markets Are Not Waiting

      • Kevin Parker, CEO & Founder, Sustainable Insight Capital Management, Former Global Head of Deutsche Bank Asset Management

Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings Global Leadership Award Presented to Johnson & Johnson

      • Presented by:    Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corp Responsibility & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters
      • Accepted by:    Philip Dahlin, Director of Sustainability, Johnson & Johnson

1:25 – 1:50 Special Presentation: The ESG Advantage in Fixed Income Investing

Credit Default Swap (CDS) spreads have long been considered a key measure of bond risk and potential returns. This new report illustrates predictive relationships between ESG ratings and CDS spreads. In the 10-year study, the presenters demonstrate the robust positive correlations between a corporation’s ESG rating and the widening and narrowing of CDS spreads using six distinct simulations with varying controls.

      • Kim Nguyen-Taylor, Director, Credit Analysis, Calvert Investments
      • Catherine Palmer Roy, Senior Vice President & CIO-Fixed Income, Calvert Investments

1:55 – 2:40   Does Diversity Create Value?

Diversity can empower corporate leadership and be valuable to the corporate decision-making processes. This panel will explore both empirical and anecdotal evidence that provides tangible examples of how gender and ethnic diversity protects company value and enhances corporate performance.

      • Moderator: Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters
      • Patricia David, Global Head of Diversity, JPMorgan Chase
      • Eve Ellis, Financial Advisor & Portfolio Manager, The Parity Portfolio Strategy, Morgan Stanley
      • James White, Americas Diversity & Inclusion, Credit Suisse

2:40 – 3:30    Uncovering Portfolio Risk with ESG Metrics

This panel will look at how ESG metrics can help in portfolio risk management and reducing volatility whether through screening or best-in-class application of ESG analysis.  The panelists will discuss how these metrics relate to client risk tolerances and investment goals.

      • Moderator: Michael Davis, Director, Institutional Client Relationships, Calvert Investments
      • John Cusack, Senior Representative North America, RepRisk
      • Olga Emelianova, Head of ESG Research North America, MSCI
      • Gustavo Pimentel, Managing Director, SITAWI

3:30 – 3:45    Afternoon Networking Break

3:45 – 4:35    Finding Materiality in Corporate Sustainability Measurements

Recent research from the Harvard Business School suggests that companies that “perform” well in material corporate sustainability have good stock performance. The adoption of integrated reporting norms may initiate new discussions on materiality, which will be important to investors. This panel will provide guiding thoughts for investors and shareholders to use in their portfolio decisions.

      • Moderator: Bryan Esterly, Research Associate, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
      • Libby Bernick, Senior Vice President North America, Trucost
      • David Hackett, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
      • Linda M. Lowson, CEO & Chief Counsel, Global ESG Regulatory Academy
      • Michael Muyot, President, CRD Analytics

4:30 – 5:35    The Dynamic Spectrum of Fossil Fuel Divestiture

This panel, a “Point-Counterpoint” debate, will have our panelists discuss the economic implications of divestiture while leaving the science aside. This panel will seek to answer the question:  What is the likely net effect on investment portfolios and what is the endgame? It will present investors with new contexts for making investment decisions in their portfolios and question the specter concept of value-decimation.

      • Moderator: Chris Fowle, Vice President, Investor Initiatives, CDP
      • Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights
      • Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, CalSTRS
      • Tim Smith, ESG Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management
      • Ariane van Buren, Threshold Foundation Endowment Committee & Episcopal Church Pension Fund

5:35 – 5:40    Closing Remarks by John Streur, CEO, Calvert Investments

5:40 – 6:30    Networking Reception


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